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Definition of Promethean – “Willing to take risks in order to create new things or do things in new ways”



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“I have worked with many PE firms alongside the businesses I’ve led for the past 20 years.  Without question, I have had the best experience working with Promethean. That holds true throughout all aspects of working together; fundraising, post fundraising, as a board representative and in adding value to the business beyond money.  These are comments I do not make lightly.  The Promethean team have earned my respect and praise.” 

Joe Vrankin

CEO, Puttshack

“Promethean quickly recognised the market opportunity and bought in to our vision  backing us to successfully execute our on-going strategy in the manner we saw fit. They are not your stereotypical Private Equity Investor, which we like.”

Alan Simpson

CEO, Brickability Group Plc

“In supporting the take private, Promethean showed a vision shared by management that had historically been missed or overlooked by public market participants. They are  supportive investors who embrace and challenge our ideas.”

Angus Armstrong

CEO, Produce Investments

“Working with Promethean has given us a sense of the true potential of our business. Their input has been innovative, ambitious and concise, but without any sense of interference.”

Richard Hoggart

CEO, DSG Group